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TRH9000: an Open Source video card based on the original GFX-9000 | By MSXALL

The V9990 was once pointed as the new VDP chip of choice that should have been released together with the MSX Turbo-R in 1991. Yet today, it is uncertain if it is actually true, but the fact the MSX Turbo-R was released with a VDP no other than the very same used in its predecessor, the V9958; and based on the fact the V9990 is not exactly retro-compatible with it, but in fact some sort of "complementary upscale" chip, the story makes a lot of sense. Stories apart, the point is: it is not possible to replace the V9958 by the V9990 and have a functional MSX as it is somewhat possible with the V9938 and V9958 (the VDPs of the MSX 2 and MSX 2+ respectively). The V9990 can surely operate as an additional power module for its predecessors and even other VDP's, but for it to be possible an entire video card circuit must be implemented to integrate the chip features to the equipment and allow a functional MSX machine to operate with it. The first successful cartridge that manage


What happens when the great mind behind the TF Amiga Cards (among other amazing projects) gets his attention to the #MSX? 🤔 Yeah! A new MSX Clone, a MSX 2+ based on real chips: VDP, FM, Z80, etc., but with RGB, USB, and more... 🤩 Project by @TerribleFire! The project is still in beta, under tests and bug fixes, but based on how neat the video demonstration above is, and considering the incredible history of projects behind the people working on this project, this is one MSX Clone that will surely make an impact when released! Not surprising its first version is already a fully functional MSX 2+! Published on MSXALL at .