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TRH9000: an Open Source video card based on the original GFX-9000 | By MSXALL

The V9990 was once pointed as the new VDP chip of choice that should have been released together with the MSX Turbo-R in 1991. Yet today, it is uncertain if it is actually true, but the fact the MSX Turbo-R was released with a VDP no other than the very same used in its predecessor, the V9958; and based on the fact the V9990 is not exactly retro-compatible with it, but in fact some sort of "complementary upscale" chip, the story makes a lot of sense. Stories apart, the point is: it is not possible to replace the V9958 by the V9990 and have a functional MSX as it is somewhat possible with the V9938 and V9958 (the VDPs of the MSX 2 and MSX 2+ respectively). The V9990 can surely operate as an additional power module for its predecessors and even other VDP's, but for it to be possible an entire video card circuit must be implemented to integrate the chip features to the equipment and allow a functional MSX machine to operate with it. The first successful cartridge that manage


What happens when the great mind behind the TF Amiga Cards (among other amazing projects) gets his attention to the #MSX? 🤔 Yeah! A new MSX Clone, a MSX 2+ based on real chips: VDP, FM, Z80, etc., but with RGB, USB, and more... 🤩 Project by @TerribleFire! The project is still in beta, under tests and bug fixes, but based on how neat the video demonstration above is, and considering the incredible history of projects behind the people working on this project, this is one MSX Clone that will surely make an impact when released! Not surprising its first version is already a fully functional MSX 2+! Published on MSXALL at .

A 64K EEPROM Advanced MSX Cartridge | By MSXALL

Wouldn't it be cool if, in the eventuality you have a 64Kb FlashROM memory (W27c512) handy, you could record four 16Kb ROMs or two 32Kb ROMs in it, plug it to the MSX, and select which ROM would be executed via switches or jumpers? Well... this is exactly what this project is all about! Thanks to the collaboration of PAKOTOMSX with the initial MSXMakers! project, the team completed their 64Kb EEPROM cartridge page where they explain about their project and provide advanced details on how to prepare and program it with a ROM that is a combination of multiple games. The proposed cartridge is fully programmable by users with a 64 Kb ROM file that is a combination of multiple MSX programs, as far the ROMS are either 16Kb or 32Kb. The instructions are fairly simple and can be found in this post . Basically, the ROMS must be combine in a way each individual ROM will seat on an exactly position in the EEPROM, so the device can be configured (via jumper/switches) to point to that locati

Now you can play MIDI files with GR8Net | By MSXALL

MSX hardware and software developer, Eugeny Brychkov ( @Eugeny_Brychkov ), who brought to us the amazing platform known as GR8BIT , also created the incredible MSX extension GR8NET , a standalone Network cartridge compatible with any MSX generation that also provides 8 distinctive mapper modes, 7 composite mapper modes, a very extensive MSX-BASIC add-on, flash ROM, SD-Card interface accessible through internal _NET instructions (FAT16/FAT32/exFAT) and/or through Nextor (in composite mapper modes - FAT12/FAT16), plus a range of display options and several multimedia devices such as MSX-MUSIC, MSX-AUDIO, OPL4, PSG, and SCC that also has been able to - until now - to operate as a MP3 media player by playing MP3 files either from the network, the SD-card, or online streams (internet radio). I said " until now " because with the help of Maarten Loor and Laurens Holst , Eugeny was able to extend the GR8Net and add MIDI replay features and capabilities to his already Herculean dev

UniMapper MSX (MSX universal mapper cartridge) | By MSXALL

ASCII8, ASCII16, Konami, Konami SCC - all these names are well known in the MSX community. These are so-called "mappers" that allow games larger than 64kb to work on our favorite MSX computers. The mapper technology requires additional electronic components to be used on a cartridge board. Those could be custom chips by Konami that incorporate mapper and SCC sound or special ASCII8/16 mapper chips. Those chips are impossible to buy these days. So, if your cartridge has a broken mapper chip, it's unlikely that you can fix it. There are several available multimapper cartridge solutions for MSX, and each solution has its pros and cons. However, a commonality among most of the universal solutions is that they either require CPLD or FPGA chips, which are costly and hard to come by these days. The Unimapper project by RBSC features an easy multimapper solution Unimapper 3D Printed Cartridge ( With one single question in mind ( how

New version of DC-DC power supply for the OMEGA MSX | By MSXALL

Initially, the omega design contemplated a 2.1mm barrel connector for 5v power or an 8-pin connector to power the motherboard with +5v, -12v and +12v. Not even a power switch was contemplated. Although the OMEGA MSX can work with just the 5v from the barrel connector, there are multiple interfaces that would require additional voltages, so having all the voltages available became crucial for the overall project. The new version of the DC-DC mini power supply installed, perfectly fitting in the project construction design. As usual, Jordi Solís published a fully detailed step-by-step article following the DIY spirit carefully written to allow anyone to reproduce the adapter at home! The tutorial is as through as it can be, complete with explanations, list of parts, schematics, diagrams, photos, and project annotations to assure anyone can have a pleasant time and successfully constructed the device. The complete tutorial for the new version of DC-DC power supply can be found here (in S

Decade Dungeon Gaiden, a new MSX RPG game by HABIT SOFT (JP) | By MSXALL

Game Plot Adventurer, I often visited you. On the outskirts of this city, there is a decaying dungeon, and it is said that treasures sleep deep underground. However, there are many evil monsters lurking, and there are countless adventurers who have exhausted themselves in the dungeon. If you still want to challenge yourself, be prepared. May you have the blessing of God! How to Play Explore the dungeon while defeating monsters and leveling up. The treasure chest contains valuable items. Watch out for mimics while trying to defeat the boss monsters hidden in the bottom layer. Once you have the jewels, return to the entrance. It's a dungeon crawl until you get home! When you defeat a monster, you will gain experience points and level up. As you level up, the maximum life value will increase and your life will be restored. If the maximum life value does not increase, the life will be restored to a large extent. You can get the item by taking the treasure chest. In rare cases, mimics m

The game ‘Stan, the Dreamer’ gains a MSX 2 version thanks to the TPM SCUMSX2! | By MSXALL

The group The Pets Mode , led by Rafel Pérez ( JamQue ), in 2013 entered the game ' Stan, the Dreamer 'in the MSXDev'13 contest, in which it ranked 5th place. A few years later, the game was re-released alongside with Hans’ Adventure . Just now, almost a decade later from its original debut, a new version of the game is released, new revised to run on MSX 2 computers. As expected, this newest released comes with great improvements, renewed graphic set, dialogues, and exclusive SCC music by Toni Cano . The graphics work of the game, in special, deserve honorable mention. Signed by the graphic artist Fran Barrionuevo , the background images were produced on beautiful shades of gray concept, bringing the game experience to an innovative delightful level. But, there is more about this game project than our eyes can see... This new version of the game is the result of a long work that took over four years in collaboration with the artist Alejandro Bernat . In 2018, Alejandro c

Zanac A.I. (ザナック) | By MSXALL

Zanac is a unique shoot ’em up game highly advanced for its time, combining gameplay elements from successful franchises such as Xevious, in which the most noticeable similarities lie in the extensive power-up system and the vertical-scrolling gameplay that features both air and ground targets. However, the distinguishing aspect of Zanac is its unique enemies artificial intelligence, called at the time the " Automatic Level of Difficulty Control ", which auto-tweaks the System’s aggressiveness and the game’s difficulty depending on the player's abilities, such as attack pattern and skill level. Story Millennia ago, an unknown alien race created a tiny device known as the " System " containing boundless wisdom and knowledge. The artifact was protected by a safety mechanism capable of unimaginable destructive power. If properly disabled through the riddles, it would grant access to untold enlightenment and technology, but if improperly accessed it would unleash un

IronStar | By MSXALL

You have been assigned the one and only mission to track down and fight Taured to retrieve the Power Sphere that has been stolen from your people. Your secret name for this mission is Tucano . While it may sound simple, it will be nothing less than an ultimate challenge. Taured is an android powered by an incredibly advanced Artificial Intelligence, something that will be used to its maximum extent to prevent you from accomplishing your mission. But, fear nothing! You are well prepared for the fight, and to help with the almost impossible task of defeating Taured , you have been granted full access to the most secret and highly advanced starfighter of all times, and all its state-of-the-art features! An epic battle is about to unfold! The greatest pilot with the best ship against the most proficient AI android ever made. Gameplay and Difficulty The game has 8 levels and several enemies to be faced simultaneously. It is not an easy game to play and the challenges are immediately notice

MSXDev'22 New Sponsor: Panasonic FS-A1 MSX 2 Computer | By MSXALL

For the 22th edition of MSXdev, hardware seller sdsnatcher73 donates a Panasonic FS-A1 MSX2 computer. The ever-growing MSXDev'22 Winners Loot-box just got stuffed a little more with a Panasonic FS-A1 MSX 2 . Donated by hardware seller Peter Hanraets ( @sdsnatcher73 ). This mighty fine and sweet looking modified machine is fully functional and for any winner of the dev show to take home. As the MSX system is a general computer manufactured by many different brands of hardware companies, the variety is plenty. Panasonic is one of the manufacturers that made some brilliant, good looking MSX machines. The Panasonic FS-A1 MSX 2 is no exception as it’s colorful, compact, and a pleasure to look at. This particular item has been modified with the removal of the built-in Deskpac firmware and a cartridge slot cover that has been replaced with a 3D printed replica. A Panasonic FS-A1 MSX2 computer – sponsored by @sdsnatcher73 This Japanese Panasonic MSX 2 machine from 1986 is equipped with

MSXDev'22 New Sponsor: Angelic Warrior DEVA | By MSXALL

Super hero action game DEVA digital ends-up in the Winners Loot-Box Go full throttle with the action platform game Angelic Warrior DEVA , an original modern-made MSX 2 game. The game was released as physical ROM cartridge in 2020 and as a digital version in 2022. This digital version found its way into the MSXDev'22 Winners Loot-Box for the true DEV-Warrior . For those who don’t know about the game – it’s a fast paced action platform game with adventure and RPG elements. If you’re into Psycho World or Valis 2 , you’ll love DEVA . You’re to navigate elaborate set-pieces and fend off a wide range of foes with varying attack patterns. These enemies will drop jewels, which you can trade in shops in order to expand your magic powers (offensive as well as defensive). Gameplay by Seba Singer The game itself showcases quite the technical feats, graphic-wise, as it includes parallax scrolling paired with colorful and animated backdrops. Also, it offers a length

Tri-Nauts, a new game by Physical Dreams that lurks in the horizon | By MSXALL

On a Facebook post, Jose Luis Salguero just shared that he and the Physical Dreams team are working non-stop on their new game, TRI-NAUTS. Despite " Campanera "being their next title to hit the market, their goal is to have it completed before the end of the year! The game looks awesome and the music is nothing less than a gift to the years, all full MSX flavored. It is not a new video, but it is awesome to watch and bring a small flavor of what is about to come: Do you like the graphics? The game-play? The music? Of course you do! But, there is more. Check out this other video and simply get delighted with the quality of what is about to come for our beloved MSX: The most interesting concept of Tri-Nauts is the unique idea that players will have to control 3 characters at a time. But, on a clever twist, on some levels there will be only one player. So, when players get use to combine efforts to solve the puzzles, the game will throw a curved-ball and isolate one of the char