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Initially, the omega design contemplated a 2.1mm barrel connector for 5v power or an 8-pin connector to power the motherboard with +5v, -12v and +12v. Not even a power switch was contemplated. Although the OMEGA MSX can work with just the 5v from the barrel connector, there are multiple interfaces that would require additional voltages, so having all the voltages available became crucial for the overall project.

The new version of the DC-DC mini power supply installed, perfectly fitting in the project construction design.

As usual, Jordi Solís published a fully detailed step-by-step article following the DIY spirit carefully written to allow anyone to reproduce the adapter at home! The tutorial is as through as it can be, complete with explanations, list of parts, schematics, diagrams, photos, and project annotations to assure anyone can have a pleasant time and successfully constructed the device.

The complete tutorial for the new version of DC-DC power supply can be found here (in Spanish).

About the OMEGA MSX

The OMEGA MSX Implementation

The OMEGA HOME COMPUTER is an incredible open source implementation of an MSX 2 compatible computer created by Sergey Kiselev, and built using a combination of 1980’s era components (Z80 CPU, V9958 VDP, AY-3-8910/YM2149F PSG, 8255 PPI, 7400-series logic), but with some newer components as well, such as 512 KiB SRAM and 512 KiB Flash ROM and a few simple programmable logic devices.

Time after time, Jordi Solís and the MSXmakers Team bring something new for the OMEGA MSX project, enhancing and expanding the overall great project.

The OMEGA MSX is a must have DIY MSX for anyone who loves the standard and collect MSX computers, especially for those who have some ability with the soldering iron and has no fear of investing many weeks following fine detailed project guidelines.

It is a lot of fun build your own MSX!

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